Do you ever put your iPhone, iPad, or iPod in Airplane mode?

Would you like to tag a photo with the names of your loved ones or friends?

Would it be useful  to leave some sort of message to help someone find out who's iOS device they have found?


If you answered Yes or possibly maybe then this free app is for you!


    One late night while doing some contract work in New York city, a coworker had an absolute need to update his iPhone to the iPhone 4, it was only available for a few months by that time so I was happy to walk with him to the always open Apple store on 5th ave.


    While walking back I spied a memory card on the ground, recognizing what it was I picked it up showed it to Henry “Look what I found!”  “Keep it” he said, so I stuck it in my pocket.  The memory card was a format I was unfamiliar with so I did not have a reader available for it.

    About a year later while dealing with my yucky printer I noticed it had several card reader slots, I went and found the memory card, networked to the printer and found these.  Found Memory Card ,    I now felt bad about not trying harder sooner to find these people, several years of travel and parties were on this card. I dug into the pictures looking for a clue as to the owners, even the meta data of the images was of no value, the manufacturer of the camera could not help either (the serial number of the camera was embedded into each photo)  with few clues the best I could do was to post to flicker and wait.

    I was however inspired to find a way to add identification to my phone, I would often unlock my phone and see that unless I had some information on my phone it was simply a black obelisk to anyone that happened upon it.

ID My Lock  lets you start from a black background with a text window that accepts multiple lines of text in the middle.  You can add an image from your photo library or take a new photo.  You can also control the color of the text field, color of the text, font style, and font size.  You can add additional single line text fields that have those same controls with the addition of changing the size, location, and rotation of the fields.  There is added functionality for saving background configurations as well.

    Once your done customizing you save the the image to the photo library where you can select it and set it as your lock screen wall paper.  If you like you can even share the image to Facebook

    There are many ways to recover your phone if you lose it, iOS 8 even now has a send last location setting that lets your phone send a final location message to Apple before the battery goes dead (assuming it has network access and you didn’t leave it in Airplane mode)



    The start screen of this app is a photo of the couple I believe the memory card belongs to, I added the text to that image using this app.  If you know these people or someone else in the photo’s would you please go ahead and point them to this or the flicker website.