Edit Text fields switches to the text editing mode

Export Wallpaper saves the image to the photo album

PreView Preview what your lock screen will look like

Save And Load  Save layouts and access previously saved ones.  You can access saved files from the documents folder and trade with your friends.


        Lets you adjust some preferences.


        Access in app purchases.


        Select a photo from your photo library.


        Take a photo with your camera.


Exit Editing returns to the main window.


Add Text Field creates a new text field in a random location.


Tap on a text field to edit it.


Long press on a field to enter the customization section.


        Moves the edit buttons to the bottom of the screen and back to the top so you can get them out of your way.

Once selected for editing you can change the text or Delete Field.


There is a default text window that cannot be deleted.

But you can remove all of the text from it.


Select Done to return to the editing text view.

In the set Color mode you can adjust the color of the background for the text field and set the color of the text.

Adjust the Size and position of the field using the sliders.  + and - buttons will give you the fine control you want.

Rotate the using the slider, the 0 will center (Zero) the rotation for you, the + and - give you the fine control you want.


Saving and loading is available with an In App Purchase, you can save layouts and access them through iTunes to trade with your friends.


The BasicBackground is the one that initially loads and cannot be deleted.  An autosave is also created, it’s what you are currently working on.

Size for Perspective zoom buffers the edge of the image now what you see is what you get when you set the lock screen and perspective zoom is on .  Carefully position the image when setting the wallpaper.


Create Background clears the image so you are starting from a black screen, resets the main text field and deletes all the custom textfields.  The button resets so you don’t have to worry about it clearing when you don’t want it to.


Edit Photos when selecting the photo editing is limited, so you may want to try it both ways to see if you can get what you are looking for.


View Instructions on website  Thats how you get to this webpage.